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FAQs – Scheduled Maintenance

Q: Why is scheduled maintenance so important?

A: A well-maintained vehicle keeps you safe and saves you money. Proper maintenance guards against major engine repairs and failure of crucial systems such as brakes and steering. Changing your oil and keeping your tires inflated to correct pressure can help you get up to 5% better gas mileage—that’s a savings of $75 per year, based on $3 gas, 30 mpg, and 15,000 miles annually. More importantly, you protect your vehicle warranty by following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.




Q: Do I need to use the dealer’s service department in order to keep my warranty in effect?

A: Any qualified person or service facility can perform the factory scheduled maintenance. Our trained technicians service all makes and models of passenger cars, trucks, and vans. For dealer-quality auto maintenance services for less, make an appointment today with Tolker Auto Service.




Q: What about the major mileage service intervals? Do you have the right parts?

A: Our ASE certified technicians can handle the scheduled maintenance at any mileage interval, including work on the engine, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, and cooling and exhaust systems. We stock the most common replacement parts and obtain parts the same day from distributors and dealers. Our purchasing power means significant savings for you on oil, automotive fluids, replacement parts, tires, and more.




Q: What do I need to do to keep my warranty in effect?

A: You are responsible for operation and maintenance of your vehicle according to the instructions in your owner’s manual. For your convenience, Tolker Auto Service can also print you a copy of the service schedule for any make and model vehicle. Your tires, and in some cases even the oil in your engine, can have separate warranties with additional requirements.




Q: How can I prove that I properly maintain my vehicle?

A: Keep your maintenance and repair receipts; also, keep the paperwork on any recall notices, modifications, or repairs. This documentation should include your vehicle identification number (VIN), date of service, the mileage at the time of service, a description of the work and replacement parts, and the name and contact information for the repair facility or technician. Keep this information with the vehicle and pass it on to the next owner when you sell or trade it.




Q: Do I need to record the completed maintenance work in my owner’s manual?

A: The manufacturers’ include a service log in the owner’s manual as a convenience to you. You can ask yourTolker Auto SAervice manager to fill in the log, or keep your repair orders and receipts, or both.




Q: What about OEM versus after market parts?

A: In most cases, after market parts work as well as, and sometimes even better than, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and are almost always less expensive.




Q: My owner’s manual recommends an oil change every 5,000 miles. Why does your store manager suggest that I bring my vehicle in before that?

A: In the past, many auto makers based their maintenance schedule on normal versus “special operating conditions.” For example, if you own a 1999 Lincoln Continental, you normally change the oil every 5,000 miles. The Lincoln Continental owner’s manual recommends an oil change every 3,000 miles under special operating conditions, including towing or carrying heavy loads, extensive idling and/or driving at low speeds for long distances, driving in dusty conditions, and off-road operation. Ask your store manager for a free factory maintenance print out for the make and model of your vehicle.




Q: Why does your store manager always want to inspect my vehicle and rotate my tires? I just want an oil change.

A: Certain inspections are required at mileage or time intervals in order to fulfill the conditions of your warranty. A 10,000 mile/12 month servicing usually specifies a tire rotation and inspection of the entire brake system, including the rotors/drums and pads/shoes. Under special operating conditions, there can be additional required inspections. For example, if you drive on dirt roads, an air filter check, or if you tow a trailer, tightening of nuts and bolts on your chassis. It’s just good practice to look over your car for safety problems and to apprise you of its condition. We can fix problems while you vehicle is in the shop and advise you of anticipated repairs, tire replacement, etc.




Q: Can I do the scheduled maintenance myself?

A: You certainly could change your own oil and perform other routine maintenance. Just keep your receipts and log the work in your owner’s manual. Tolker Auto Service will drain and replace your oil, install a new oil filter, rotate your tires, check the air pressure, inspect your brakes, and lubricate the chassis.† The oil, alone, costs $15 at an auto parts store. You save yourself the trouble and mess of a do-it-yourself oil change and we’ll recycle the dirty oil for you. Many of today’s computerized vehicles also require special diagnostic tools and training. Our ASE-certified technicians are the best in the business.





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