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FAQs – Fuel Economy

Q: What can I do to get better gas mileage?*

A: There are several no-cost ways to improve your gas mileage, starting with your driving habits. Make gradual starts and stops, maintain a constant highway speed, keep to 55 miles per hour and you will save tankfuls of gas over the course of a year.




Q: Any other free tips?

A: Get rid of the excess weight that your vehicle carries. For example, tools, sports equipment, books, etc.




Q: How much can I save on gas by driving 55 miles per hour?

A: A lot. Driving 55 mph is 25% more fuel efficient than driving 70 mph. In other words, if you get 20 mpg driving 70 mph, you get 25 mpg driving 55 mph. Over 1,000 highway miles, you burn 10 less gallons of gas, a savings of $40.*




Q: How much can I save by cutting out jack rabbit starts and stops?

A: 10%




Q: How much can I boost my fuel efficiency by keeping my tires inflated to the correct air pressure?

A: 3%, on average.




Q: How much difference can scheduled maintenance make?

A: You can get 2% better gas mileage by using the correct grade of oil. Changing a dirty air filter can boost your mileage 4%.




Q: Are there other components that are important to check?

A: A faulty oxygen sensor can cut your gas mileage by as much as 40%. The auto technicians at Tolker Auto Service have the diagnostic equipment and the experience to find these and other gasoline vampires and keep your vehicle running at peak performance.




Q: What about my vehicle’s fuel injection system?

A: In the 1980s, fuel injection largely replaced the carburetor to achieve an optimum air-fuel mixture. This resulted in better fuel efficiency and less air pollution. Your fuel injection system needs to be cleaned periodically to maximize fuel economy and minimize harmful emissions.




Q: What else can Mr. Tire, Tread Quarters and Autotire do to improve my vehicle’s fuel economy?

A: Have our technicians check your alignment the next time you change or rotate your tires. Think of your wheels as draft horses. You want them pulling in the same direction. Bringing your wheels back into alignment can boost fuel efficiency 0.5-10%.




Q: How much difference can an oil change make in my fuel economy?

A: Using the correct grade of oil can improve fuel economy by 2%. (You would be surprised how many car owners use the wrong oil.) Check your owner’s manual or ask the experts at Tolker Auto Service. Regular oil changes are also crucial to the life and health of your engine.




Q: Is there anything I can do to get better gas mileage with my older car?

A: Many vehicles benefit from an engine tune-up, including replacing the air and fuel filters, spark plugs and spark plug wires, and PCV valve (positive crankcase ventilation valve).


*Sources: U.S. Department of Energy’s Gas Mileage Tips.
**Based on a gasoline price of $4 per gallon.

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